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Thank you so much.
The cottage was beautiful and cosy, look forward to coming back soon.
Again many thanks Gerarda & Tony

Tracey & Mel
Date of Posting: 11 March 2011
Posted By: Tracey & Mel
What a fabulous place- home away from home.
Comfortable & Very cosy.
Will definitely be back & let our family and friends know about this lovely place.

John & Val Dillon
Date of Posting: 11 March 2011
Posted By: John & Val Dillon
Got to spend 2 lovely nights in this amazing cottage- wonderful, so much history and so central to everything.
Amenities wonderful and such a comfy bed.
Karen from Casino
Date of Posting: 01 March 2011
Posted By: Karen from Casino
The Jordan Creek Cottage, Very quaint little cottage,
I loved the home style convenience. Fantastic to come home from university, to the quite heritage atmosphere with all the old pictures of the colourful people from past history.
Very clean, with air con or wood fire when needed.
I loved my stay so much at Jordan cottage is my home away from home. When i'm at uni.

Thanks Di
Date of Posting: 20 February 2011
Posted By: Di
Jordan Creek Cottage
A Great stay in a lovely cottage just like a home.
Great owners that could do anything to make our stay more enjoyable. look forward to coming back soon.

Glen Urquhart
Date of Posting: 10 January 2011
Posted By: Glen Urquhart
Thanks, it was very nice & great value!
It was great for grandma & Poppy to babysit while we went to a wedding.

Angela & Brendan & Noah James
Michael & Gail Court
Kylie Heslop
Date of Posting: 08 January 2011
Posted By: Angela & Brendan & Noah James
A great place to stay for 2 families and 4 children in total.
Everything we needed was available and it was great to have some backyard space for the kids.

And thank you so much for the little Christmas tree!

Will stay again when we return for another family get together for Christmas.

Jouni & Margaret Jarvinen
Gary & Belinde Reed

Owners Note: Click the following link to see and hear Margaret's comments on youtube.

Margaret's Christmas in A settler's Cottage

Margaret was also here promoting her fabulous new book "Through Our Children's Eyes'
Date of Posting: 27 December 2010
Posted By: Jouni & Margaret Jarvinen Gary & Belinde R
We're sure the original settler's would love this cottage as it is now. Cosy, clean and warm with all the mod-cons: what more could you want?
We loved Bathurst with it's friendly people and croquet was good.
Thank you.
Patricia and Robert.
Wauhope NSW
Date of Posting: 29 November 2010
Posted By: Patricia and Robert.
Centrally located- a good choice to stay here with extended family members for a special family occasion.
& Family
Date of Posting: 27 November 2010
Posted By: Julie Robyn & Family
Hi Gerarda,
Thank you so much for being great hosts for our stay at the Rose Cottage during the race weekend.
Everyone had such a great time that we are keen to do it again.
It would be great if we could stay at your cottage again.
Date of Posting: 01 November 2010
Posted By: Ben
Last night we celebrated our first year in business and we were delighted to see so many at our Rose Cottage BBQ.
There was [too?] much fine champagne and lots of fun had by all.
We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our business for the last 12 months.
We have been delighted by your travels and how much you have enjoyed the cottages.

Gerarda & Tony
Date of Posting: 30 October 2010
Posted By: no name
Rose Cottage BBQ
Had a great stay.
Cottage had everything you could ever need.
Very quaint.
Hope to be back.

Jim & Nadine
Nobel Park, Victoria
Date of Posting: 18 October 2010
Posted By: Jim & Nadine
Thanks for the stay it was very cosy and warm during the night and day.
Good for large families and extremely enjoyable.
We'll definately come back next week or so! smile
Date of Posting: 15 October 2010
Posted By: George.
Thank you for being so accommodating for our stay.
We had plenty of room and everything we could possibly hope for.

Watsons, Cranwell & Currie

P.S thank you for ensuring the Holden clean sweep also!!!

[owner's note: This group had joined us for the Bathurst 1000 races. We are glad we could arrange everything just the way you like it. ]
Date of Posting: 11 October 2010
Posted By: Watsons, Cranwell & Currie
Warm & cosy in night, bit creepy for kids (said heard noises & saw shadows) but it was a fantastic time.
Thank you for the stay.

From Glavan's & Gaspo's

Date of Posting: 06 October 2010
Posted By: Glavan's & Gaspo's

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