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Bathurst, Historic and Vibrant! A pioneer place that continues to set the pace. A place that has retained many historical buildings and site and respects it's history, yet is a thriving food and wine area with lots to see and do.

Mt Panorama is an iconic feature of Bathurst. A quiet residential road most of the time becomes one of the most known and challenging race tracks of all time. A drive around the track is almost mandatory when you visit Bathurst. If you have come without a vehicle there are a number of specialist drivers who will pick you up and take you. Contact our Office for more information. 02 63375111

You can sit and enjoy watching the world roll by from your front veranda of A Settlers Cottage or you can follow some of these links to help design your holiday and family activities.
Bathurst region.

The Settlers Cottages were built in the late 1800's as original worker's cottages for the town and converted to self contained accommodation approx. 25 years ago. We have had the fun of owning and running them since November 2009 when we re-named them to reflect the history and experience they offer. The cottages have much mixed décor and additions that have been added since they were originally built. So subsequently they come with lots of character reflecting their history.

Bathurst is a lovely historical city and thanks to the local council many of the original buildings have been preserved and restored. Your cottages are part of this heritage and part of historical Keppel St. This street begins at the train station (where Ben Chifley used to work) all the way through the town. Your cottages are in the center of town so the main historic buildings of town are all within minutes easy walk.

To find out some of the things that may be of interest to you go to the local Visitor centre events page.  Following are some of the popular tourist destinations...


Mount Panorama is a short drive from the CBD and is Australia's Premier race track. It hosts many exciting adrenalin and motor racing events.

If you want to get offroad we have Detour Adventures with Ian Redpath. The surrounds of Bathurst holds some extraordinary Australian bush and Ian seems to know where to find the best to delight you.

Bathurst also is home to one of Australia's best private collections of fossils and minerals. The Mineral and Fossil Museum is home to the Somerville Collection. Local resident, Warren Somerville, began collecting rocks and specimen when he was 7yrs old and has donated the best of his collection to the city of Bathurst. It contains, amongst many extraordinary pieces, 2 complete dinosaurs and is within two minutes walk from your cottage. This museum is one of my personal favorites.

Mayfield Garden. These private gardens are and experience only a short 35 min country drive away. Although established mid 1990s are already a magical garden experience. Inspired by grandeur of the best garden estates around the world, the Hawkins family and the garden team have spent many years shaping 160 acres into a stunning garden legacy.

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery is on historic Keppel St. A modern well-equipped and celebrated gallery that focuses on Australian art from 1955.

Ben Chifley Home. No:10 Busby st Bathurst. A great restored historical home of the Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley. It includes a beautiful restored pianola and it is easy to imagine Ben and his wife, Elizabeth, enjoying evenings of popular songs.

There are lots of places to visit and seasonal events that are posted on the visitors center website.

Other fabulous places and interesting things:
Machattie Park - just a few steps from your cottage. This Park was established with Bathurst town and now has many stunning mature trees and the most beautiful duck pond. It is a a popular place for weddings, photos or just great place to relax with the family.


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