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"Thank You very much for letting us stay in your characterfull Cottage."
[from the visitors book]
Date of Posting: 02 July 2015
Posted By: Isaac. Nathan. Joel, Daniel, Alison, Derek, Abraha
stayed 30/6/2015- 2/7/2015, Bondi NSW
What a great location and what a wonderful character Middle Cottage offer! We had a fabulous stay.
Thank You Gerarda and Tony
Date of Posting: 20 June 2015
Posted By: Debbie & Michael Knapman
stayed 1/5/2015- 3/5/2015, from Nubbo NSW
"Wonderful hosts and our cottage provided a very relaxing and comfortable stay. Our family, who visited us whilst we were here, loved being able to sit back and relax here with us. We will come back for more stays.
Thank you"
Date of Posting: 06 June 2015
Posted By: Debbie & Phil
from Goloogong, NSW
100000% awesome place.
Homely - cute - adorable - quirky, Honestly The Best!
Everything you need is here.
Lots of hugs Gerarda and family.
Thanking you so kindly.
Date of Posting: 06 June 2015
Posted By: crissy & Wayne
from Sydney, 25th December 2014 to 30 Deember 2014
"We had a lovely time in Rose Cottage making memorable family memories.
We are so glad we found your accommodation. we had a wonderful time entertaining our friends and their kids with a BBQ. Can't wait to come back."
Date of Posting: 06 June 2015
Posted By: Beck, Tony, Nick & KC Pattrick
from Wilganea, Bourke, NSW, October 2014
"Felt like home and had everything we needed. So clean and so central to everything.
We will definitely be back her to stay, We have fallen in love with your cottages.
Thank you."
Date of Posting: 06 June 2015
Posted By: Kate, Dave& Mienna Cameron, Maureen & Geor
From Geelong Victoria, 22 September for 3 nights
"20-3 to 22-3-2015
Thank You Gerarda & Tony. We have had a great time here using all three cottages. Our big family gathering for our sons wedding went off a treat.
The Cottage worked perfectly for us. Great Location and everything we needed.
Much Appreciated
Date of Posting: 06 June 2015
Posted By: Angela & Winton Brooke Smith
March 2015
Enjoyed our stay. Old Worldly with conveniences. Reminded me of winter school holidays spent at Aunty Glads at Mandurama- it was a similar settler too. We walked a lot, very handy to shops, cafes and clubs. look forward to another visit.
Date of Posting: 20 May 2015
Posted By: Andrew and Brenda James
stayed 12/5/2015- 15/5/2015, Wyoming NSW
Thank You Tony & Gerarda
Having Middle Cottage as our 'crash pad' was excellent and extremely convenient after working the Illumination Street Festival. Very Comfy too!
Date of Posting: 09 May 2015
Posted By: Sandy & Mark Renzaglia Wines
Local Vignerons, Bathurst NSW
Thanks for providing a comfortable home away from home.For us a sterile hotel room is no fun- it's more interesting and enjoyable to be in a place with its own multifaceted stories to tell, so Rose Cottage was perfect. Down to earth, quirky uneven and rugged and feeling well pre-loved! We've been working on the Illuminant Show "If There Was A Colour Darker Than Black I'd Wear It" and love Bathurst to bits!

Thanks Cindi & Craig.
Date of Posting: 08 June 2014
Posted By: Thanks Cindi & Craig.
27/03/2014 Overnight

Very enjoyable stay. Cottages have everything you require.

Fay & Jim & Glennice.
Date of Posting: 27 March 2014
Posted By: Fay & Jim & Glennice.
3 weeks stay

We have made so many happy memories in this little cottage!

A real delight and perfect compliment to such a lovely town.

Rose Cottage will stay in our hearts for years to come and we look forward to future visits.

Thank you!!!

Warwick and Katherine
Date of Posting: 13 March 2014
Posted By: Warwick and Katherine
Dear Gerarda

We had a fabulous time and loved the house and location.The local museum, the fossil museum and the art gallery were great.

Sofala and Hill Eend well worth visiting. Ring Ted albert for an authentic gold panning experience. 63378251.

We Will be back in Autumn and winter.

P.S For the kids the adventure Park, and the Aquatic center, Chifley dam for a swim.

Tessa, Paul, Polly & Freddie XXX
Date of Posting: 08 January 2014
Posted By: Tessa, Paul, Polly & Freddie XXX
December 17 2013
Just a short stay but very comfortable and convenient.

Thank You .. Merry Christmas
Date of Posting: 17 December 2013
Posted By: no name
30th November 2013

Felt very homely staying at your cottage. It's a clean and comfortable place, something different from staying at a hotel. Would certainly recommend friends to stay here when they visit Bathurst.


Teh, Singapore
Date of Posting: 30 November 2013
Posted By: Teh

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