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June 04 2011
Dear Tony & Gerarda

Thank you so much for a lovely stay & letting us stay a bit longer than usual.

J Stroud for Terrance & Sandra Stroud-Keen
Date of Posting: 04 June 2011
Posted By: J Stroud for Terrance & Sandra Stroud-Keen
Thanks Gerarda & Tony for the stay 140 Keppel st... graduation went well...
Thanks again, very cosy.
Kind regards Gary. [via text message]
Date of Posting: 20 May 2011
Posted By: Gary
Dear Gerarda & Tony

Thank you for the accommodation of the 'quirky house'. {Jordan Creek Cottage}

Clean and cosy would be the by-word of our experience.

We particularly enjoyed the warmth of the fire which was well stocked and easy to use. The bed in the second double was a bit hard, which made it slightly uncomfortable.

Overall a very relaxing and enjoyable stay at the 'quirky cottage'

Thank you very much.
Date of Posting: 15 May 2011
Posted By: Jeremy Liam Steph
Rose Cottage

A Cold morning but warm in the cottage in front of the heater.
Had a good stay, most comfortable. Enjoyed by all.

The quirky cupboard door is unique, appreciated for the wood it is made of.

Found the cottage had plenty of space, appreciated by the family. Comfortable beds, warm at night.

Liked the separate dining areas. Good near access to town centre enabling successful shopping excursion.

Would come here again.

Frank from Kempsey,
Akubra town the home of Slim Dusty
Date of Posting: 15 May 2011
Posted By: Kempsey
We would like to thank Gerarda for a great stay at the Rose Cottage over Easter, nothing was too much trouble.
My friends and I enjoyed a great weekend of motorsport and were able to come back to a clean and cozy cottage and we loved that all seven of us were able to enjoy a hot shower.
The location was perfect, we had loads of fun.
Thanks again

Date of Posting: 12 May 2011
Posted By: Kelly
Hi Gerarda,

Just wanted to let you know we had a lovely night staying at the cottage. It is just beautiful. We were sorry to leave it the next morning!

Thank you for all your organisation.

Susan Hannaford
Date of Posting: 01 May 2011
Posted By: Susan Hannaford

Had a great stay.
Loved the cottage.
Thank you Gerarda & Tony for all you have done.

Lynette Royce, Arielle, James Bella
Date of Posting: 23 April 2011
Posted By: Lynette Royce, Arielle, James Bella
Thank you Gerarda & Tony.

We had a very comfy stay.
We will see you again in June.

Cheers Sue, Gary, Lyn, Wendy
Date of Posting: 14 April 2011
Posted By: Cheers Sue, Gary, Lyn, Wendy
What a great place, cosy & more importantly....warm!
Good setup, kitchen could use a plunger & good frypan but otherwise homey.

We'll be back...Happy find!

Thanks Gerarda & Tony

From Bianca & John
Date of Posting: 13 April 2011
Posted By: Bianca & John
Four ladies had a wonderful stay. Would come back again.
Enjoyed Milthorpe and Bathurst.

Date of Posting: 25 March 2011
Posted By: Karen Jenny Edwina Beryl
Thank you.
Great place to stay.
Everything was nice and clean. Well done.
Good setup for families.

Deb & Ann
Date of Posting: 25 March 2011
Posted By: Deb & Ann
Thank you so much.
The cottage was beautiful and cosy, look forward to coming back soon.
Again many thanks Gerarda & Tony

Tracey & Mel
Date of Posting: 11 March 2011
Posted By: Tracey & Mel
What a fabulous place- home away from home.
Comfortable & Very cosy.
Will definitely be back & let our family and friends know about this lovely place.

John & Val Dillon
Date of Posting: 11 March 2011
Posted By: John & Val Dillon
Got to spend 2 lovely nights in this amazing cottage- wonderful, so much history and so central to everything.
Amenities wonderful and such a comfy bed.
Karen from Casino
Date of Posting: 01 March 2011
Posted By: Karen from Casino
The Jordan Creek Cottage, Very quaint little cottage,
I loved the home style convenience. Fantastic to come home from university, to the quite heritage atmosphere with all the old pictures of the colourful people from past history.
Very clean, with air con or wood fire when needed.
I loved my stay so much at Jordan cottage is my home away from home. When i'm at uni.

Thanks Di
Date of Posting: 20 February 2011
Posted By: Di
Jordan Creek Cottage

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